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Oktava MK-103

Middle Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone



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Released in October 2006, the MK-103 is a mid-sized diaphragm mic developed to compliment Oktava small and large diaphragm condenser mics. It provides a useful gradation in time domain response between the small and large diagram sizes and offers excellent cardioid pattern attenuation over a broad frequency range.

The Capsule

The MK-103 features a newly-developed mid-sized 19.5 mm capsule with quick transient response reminiscent of the acclaimed MK-012 small diaphragm mic but retains some of the magic associated with Oktava’s large diaphragm capsules.

Oktava MK-103 Middle Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone

The Headbasket & Body

The MK-103 feature a front address head assembly coupled to smaller diameter, in-line body that eliminates a source of reflection between sound source and capsule. The tight fitting headbasket surrounds the capsule closely to eliminate another source of sound reflections. Finally, the headbasket has been acoustically designed as an optimally-curved housing that eliminates sharp edge refractions that can color the pure sound of the capsule.

The Circuit

The MK-103 uses the acclaimed transformerless circuit field-proven in the popular MK-012 (over 90,000 in use worldwide) to deliver clear and uncolored sound.

The Sound

On Axis – Quick transient response and extended high frequency response are hallmarks of the MK-103. Off Axis –Moderately strong attenuation at 90 degrees creates a tightly focused cardioid pattern while very strong midrange attenuation at 180 degrees minimizes room sound and unwanted sound source pick up.

The MK-103 excels where the recordist wants fast transient response, extended high end and strong attenuation of ambient room sound.

Technical specifications

Mic type Medium diaphragm condenser
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Freq. Response 20-20000Hz
Phantom voltage required 48 +\- 2V
Full impedance, module less than 300 ohms
Weighted SPL (ref. DIN 45412) 18 dBA
Maximum SPL in 250-8000Hz range, (less than 0.5% THD) 140 db
Free field sensitivity at 1KHz > 7 mV/Pa
Free field sensitivity roll off from 40Hz to 20KHz should not exceed +\- 2,5 db
The difference in free field sensitivity between 0° and 90° in 250-5000 Hz range 3-10 dB
The difference in free field sensitivity between 0° and 180° in 250-5000 Hz range > 10 dB
Average sensitivity difference between 0° and 180° for cardioid capsule in 25-5000 Hz range  > 18 db

Frequency response

Oktava MK-103 frequency response

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