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Sabra-Som SM-1

universal shock mount for ALL Oktava microphones


Shock mount ě20-24mm

for Oktava MK-012, -101, -102, -103, -104

Oktava MK-012, MK-101, MK-102, MK-103, MK-104,
Neumann KM*,
and many other brands of small capsule mics with barrel size 20 - 24 mm.

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Shock mount ě45-50mm

for Oktava ML-53, MK-219, MK-319

Fits Oktava ML-53, MK-219, MK-319 and many other brands of large capsule mics with barrel size 45 - 54 mm.

Anti-Vibration Microphone Shock Mount

An essential piece of equipment for studio or location use. The central microphone holder is isolated from the outer metal frame through a clever arrangement of high tensile elastic, specifically developed to offer maximum vibration absorbtion when loaded with a condenser microphone.

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Universal Shock mount "Spider"

for Oktava ML-52, ML-53, MKL-2500, MK-319, MK-220, ...

New microphone shock mount system with elastic suspension for maximum noise isolation.

Fits Oktava ML-52-02, ML-53, MK-219, MK-319, MKL-2500 and many other brands of large capsule mics.

Independent of barrel size!!!

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