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Important information & news


Make sure to visit us in Frankfurt!

Oktava on ProLight and Sound 2014, Booth 8.0 A10

Product of the Year 2013

  Oktava MKL-2500 is chosen as a Product of the Year 2013 by Professional audio

Oktava MKL-2500 wurde zum Produkt des Jahres 2013 von Professional audio gewählt


Prolight+Sound Show, Frankfurt 2013

Oktava on ProLight and Sound 2013, Booth 8.0 A10

Oktava on The NAMM Show 2013


MK-012/102/103 - the new video-tutorial available

In this video-tutorial Alberto Caltanella compares different diaphragm types and recording techniques for acoustic guitar.
You have a chance to compare the sound of MK-012, MK-103 and MK-102 capsules.

Start download (100Mb)


The new SM-Ring shock mount

The SM-Ring is a new shock mount for all Oktava large diaphragm and ribbon mics*. Having a very small physical size and weight it provides the same perfect isolation from stand and floor noise as all big shock mounts do.

The new shock mount has 16 elastic bands, isolating physically the mic from its stand and filtering the undesirable noises to an extent of approximately 15 dB. At the same time it does not load the boom of your mic stand with heavy weight and reduce the risk of stand’s fall.

Now you have a chance to get it for free! Just order one of the following microphones* until the end of 2012 in our shop and you will receive one SM-Ring per ordered mic.

* - MK-219, MK-319, MK-220, MK-105, MK-519, ML-52, ML-53, MKL-2500 or their stereopairs

Prolight+Sound Show 21-24 March 2012, Frankfurt


The NAMM Show 19-22 Jan. 2012, Anaheim


MKL-111 - the new Oktava flagship

MKL-111 tube microphone Meet the new Oktava flagship tube microphoe on the NAMM Show in Anaheim!

As a foretaste here some test records:

Guitar 1 (3,95mb)
Guitar 2 (3,47mb)
Speech - figure-of-8 (5,1mb)
Speech - omni (4,25mb)
Speech - cardioid (4,38mb)


Upcoming Trade Shows

2012 NAMM Show
Anaheim (LA), USA
January 19 - 22, 2012
Booth 6630
Prolight + Sound 2012
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
March 21 - 24, 2012
Booth 6.1 B68

MKL-2500: tell a difference

On this page you will find main external features, helping to tell original Russian Oktava MKL-2500 from Chinese fake.



The new product in our shop - Vicoustic's Flexi Screen

Flexi Screen is the ideal portable solution for vocal recording in untreated rooms, or venues which lack sufficient acoustic control. It performs on untreated and scattered room reflections, effectively isolating the sound source.
Available now

Prolight+Sound Show 6-9 April 2011, Frankfurt


Last review of MK-105 in Professional Audio Magazin

… balanced, while strong middle band; the bass response is above average for pressure gradients and is in the upper-class level. In contrast to its very low price shows Oktava a mature performance and should not be hide even in front of much more expensive microphones…
Sound samples

… ausgewogene, gleichzeitig kräftige Mittelband, auch die Basswiedergabe ist für Druckgradienten überdurchschnittlich und jeweils auf Oberklasse Niveau. Angesichts seines sehr günstigen Preises zeigt Oktava insoweit eine reife Leistung und muss sich auch vor erheblich teueren Mikrofonen nicht verstecken…


The NAMM Show 13-16 Jan. 2011, Anaheim


Special October offer - metal pop-filter for free

Don't miss our special October offer!

By any purchase in our shop from 100 EUR you get the new MPF-1 on-mount pop-filter for free.

Hurry up, this deal is in force only until the end of October!


AMAZONA.de about Oktava

Siegfried Schöbel, author of AMAZONA.de jumped elated with camera and notepad by the endless halls of Musik Messe in search of interesting news...
His report about Oktava on PLS/Musikmesse 2010

Prolight+Sound Show 24-27 March 2010, Frankfurt


The NAMM Show 14-17 Jan. 2010, Anaheim


New Accessories for Stereo-recording

The new products available in our online-shop:

These handy tools will help your to adjust any stereo installation quickly and save your room space as well as additional equipment such as stereo bars, extra shock mounts and mic booms.
Swivel joints will also help you to arrange you microphone in hard-to-reach points and to hide the mic-stand installation.


New MPF-1 on-mount pop-filter

The MPF-1 pop-filter is a perfect solution for filtering out unwanted pop and S-sounds, which appear unavoidable during vocal recording. A fine metal mesh has much better protecting effect than usual nylon Pop-screens.

The pop-filter can be attached directly to a microphone shock mount, the distance to the microphone and the height can be easily adjusted.


MK-012 on a Panasonic HD HPX301 P2 Camcorder

Last feedback from Dutch Studio & Television Lighting:

MK-012 deliveres an excellent results when using with professional Panasonic camcorder, 0% noise at the backside of the microphone and of course perfect Oktava sound!


Last reviews of MK-012

Oktava MK-012: You'll be Russian to buy the Oktava MK-012 small condensers - the review in Mojo Pie

Compare test of some small diaphragm condenser microphones (matched pairs) in German magazine Tools4music, 5-6 2008


126th AES Pro Audio Expo & Convention 2009 in Munich


Get a headphone hanger for free

As from now every customer, making an order in our shop receives a 15 Euro’s worth Headphone hanger, indispensable in any studio.
This hanger is easy to attach to any mic stand and it will keep your headphones safe and convenient!

Tino Oac uses Oktava



Oktava "mini tube" is the new tube preamplifier for MK-012, MK-102, MK-103, MK-104 and MK-101 capsules

Power supply unit can be used both in USA and EU (switching 110/220V).

"Mini tube" with silver and black finish, as well as all suitable large and small diaphragm capsules are available now in our online-shop.

After numerous requirements from our customers we have developed a new preliminary amplifier for our most popular MK-012 microphone, which extends its modularity and turns it into a compact condenser microphone.

The new preamp is divided into two parts with an extension cable, the front part of the cable has a size of standard XLR connector.

Before putting the new preamp into production we want to know your opinion about some details. So if you are interested in this product we would ask you to fill in a short questionnaire, this will enable us to consider your wishes.


Attention - Chinese fakes of Oktava mics on eBay!

Only authorised Oktava sellers on eBay (for example Oktava-online and musikhaus-korn in Germany) can guarantie the authenticity of Oktava microphones.

If you are not sure about the authenticity of a mic you are bidding on, just send us a link on the auction.

More information about MK-012 fakes and MKL-2500 fakes


We are glad to introduce the SABRA-SOM innovative microphone mounting systems. SABRA systems are really universal - on the pictures below you can see how the same SSM-POP set can be used with different Oktava microphones.
SSM-1, SSM-1/SL and SSM-POP kits allow to protect microphones of any form and size from unwanted mechanical vibrations, wind and phonetic noise ("popping").
The new shock mount SM-52-b was specially developed to be used with a stereo pair of Oktava ML-52-02 or 52-01 ribbon mics.
This shock mount makes the classical ribbon microphones Blumlein Array recording installation very easy and extremely precise.
'I Got It' - a new song of Swedish band The Flaming Moes was recorded with Oktava MK-219. The song will be released as a single in the UK in April.
You can see the video here.
The new test of the most popular Oktava microphones
  • MK-012 small diaphragm condenser
  • MK-011 medium diaphragm condenser
  • MK-102 large diaphragm condenser

Read a review in a Studio-Magazin 11.07 (Nr. 328)
A free sample copy of a magazine can be ordered for free by publisher.

New comparative test of 10 different Oktava, Violet and JZ microphones including the new Oktava MK-012 tube preamp.
For details see Sound check section.
The MK-012 is available now with 2-capsules option as well.
The new set is called MK-012-02, has cardioid and omnidirectional capsules, supplied also as MSP4 sets (factory matched stereo pair with four capsules) in black or silver.
The new "MK-012-01 Movie Set" is specially intended for video makers and movie-people. The mic is supplied with a hypercardioid capsule (instead of cardio) and a Low-cut pad instead of -10db pad, the set has also a high quality wind screen. Available with black or silver finish.
The new extensions to the Oktava 100 Series microphones.
We will be glad to introduce you these and other Oktava novelties at Prolight+Sound 2007 in Frankfurt. Please make sure to visit our booth 4.1 A54

4-D preamp for ambient recording, can be used with MK-012, MK-102 and MK-103 heads

Stereo-head for MK-012 preamp with figure-of-eight directional characteristic

The tube preamplifier for MK-012, MK-102, MK-103, MK-104 and MK-101 capsules

Please make sure to visit us on the Prolight+Sound 2007 - our booth is 4.1 A54.
You will have an opportunity to get to know the new Oktava mics and test them yourself in a soundproof cabin.
Last edition of Applications Table for all Oktava microphones. This chart is based on the opinion of many experienced sound engineers and musician using Oktava for many years.
We are filling up this table constantly and if you have some feedback about successful or failed application of your mic, please let us know and your opinion will also be reflected in this table.
Please visit a PASSAGE A NIVEAUX booth H-016 on the SIEL-show in Paris (11.02.2007-14.02.2007) to learn more about Oktava microphones!
Test Oktava and Violet by yourself in a professional Recording-Studio!
In cooperation with German sound recording company Tonstudio Rauschenberg we offer an exclusive testing-facility to everybody. Test all our mics in comparison to established competitors under realistic studio-conditions. Tests are recorded on multiple tracks to make uncommitted comparisons possible. A drum-kit, piano and other instruments are available.
Further information >>>

Testen Sie Oktava und Violet im professionellen Tonstudio!

In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Tonstudio Rauschenberg bieten wir allen Interessenten die Möglichkeit an, Oktava und Violet – Mikrofone unter realistischen Studiobedingungen zu testen und zu vergleichen. Alle Tests werden auf mehreren Spuren aufgenommen und können in Ruhe verglichen werden – auch im Vergleich zu etablierten Mitbewerbern. Piano, Schlagzeug und andere Instrumente sind vor Ort.
Näheres hier >>>

MK-103 - new medium diaphragm capsule for MK-012 preamp available now.
With this capsule you can complete your MK-012 collection, beginning from small diaphragms of MK-012 heads and finishing with MK-101 LOMO head and highly popular MK-102 capsule with MKL-111 large diaphragm.

Did you know that Oktava is one of the oldest microphones´ manufacturers in the world?
The factory was founded in 1927 and in the next year Oktava celebrates its 80-th anniversary. The first Oktavas appeared in Europe and USA in 1994 – these pioneers were MK-219 and MK-319. From September 2006 a special anniversary edition of these mics is available in our shop and by our dealers.

New review about Oktava microphones in Sound and Recording Magazine 4.2006

Prolight + Sound 2006 in Frankfurt - see photos

New test records: Oktava MK-101, MK-102, MK-105, ML-53, ML-52-01, MKL-2500, MKL-111 versus Neuman TLM-103 and T.Bone RB500
New funktions in our online-shop. Now you can get extra discounts if you buy more than one item.
MK-319 and MK-105 are now available with silver finish. You can also find silver shock mounts for these microphones in our  shop.  
Comparative test OKTAVA MK-319 vs. SHURE SM-81
Finally! NEW RELIABLE shock mount for all Oktavas with 012 preamp (MK-012, MK-101, MK-102). The problem of weak unfixed rubbers is finally solved.

New MS-15 Pop-screen is a professional advanced pop filter for vocal applications. It allows unobstructed passage of high frequencies and helps to maintain important details during vocal recordings.
Especially recommended for ribbon and tube microphones to protect their very sensible capsules from moisture and wind.

Last feedback from Sascha Schuppert-Raetzer (Zam Helga) about MK-102, MK-220 and ML-53
New shock mounts for MK-101, MK-102 and MK-012
New microphone setst MK-012-10 and MK-012-20. This is a combination of small and large diaphragm capsules in one set!
Also as Matched stereo pairs available.
MK-012-10 - 3 x MK-012 capsules + MK-101 capsule
MK-012-20 - 3 x MK-012 capsules + MK-102 capsule

Oktava MK-012-10

Oktava MK-012-20

Drum overhead mic shootout and review: Oktava MK-012, AKG C1000S, EV 635a
MK-105 is available!
MK-011 - middle diaphragm condenser regenerated by Oktava - available now!
Universal STEREO BAR for stereo microphone recording
New ribbon ML-52-01
Where to buy original Oktava microphones in the USA & Canada
Attention! Counterfeit "Oktava" mics from China
Status of Oktava-online
Oktava alert statement

Status of oktava-online
The manufacturer of Oktava microphones - Joint Stock Company "Oktava" (JSC Oktava, Russian federation / Tula) - confirms that the Oktava-online firm (private firm Natalia Kuzmenko) is an official representative and/or authorized dealer of JSC "Oktava". All the products/items, presented on the websites www.oktava-online.de and http://stores.ebay.de/Oktava-online, are the genuine products of JSC "Oktava.

General director of the JSC "Oktava" G.I.Uljanov

You can find the original text of the letter of the JSC "Oktava" below.

Hersteller von Mikrophonen "Oktava" offene Aktiengesellschaft "Oktava" (OAO "Oktava"), eingetragen in das Handelsregister der Russischen Föderation, Stadt Tula, bestätigt, dass die Firma Oktava-online (Einzelunternehmen Natalia Kuzmenko) offizieller Vertreter bzw. Vertragshändler von offene Aktiengesellschaft "Oktava" (OAO "Oktava") ist. Sämtliche Waren bzw. Artikel, die über die Webseiten  www.oktava-online.de sowie http://stores.ebay.de/Oktava-online  vertrieben bzw. angeboten werden, stellen offizielle Produktion der Firma offene Aktiengesellschaft "Oktava" (OAO "Oktava").

Genereldirektor der OAO "Oktava" G.I.Uljanov

Der Originaltext des Schreibens der OAO "Oktava" befindet sich unten.

Oktava letter

Oktava alert statement

Because of numerous violations of contract terms by the "Oktava Ltd " company (Great Britain), and unlawful usage of our trade-mark of microphones manufacturer, JSC "Oktava" declares that by official notice dated October 13, 2004, "Oktava Ltd" company is deprived of rights of exclusive distributor all over the world.
original text in Russian:

В связи с многочисленными нарушениями фирмой "Oktava Ltd" (Великобритания) условий контракта, а также неправомерным использованием нашего товарного знака производителя микрофонов, ОАО "Октава" своим официальным уведомлением от 13 октября 2004 года объявила о том, что фирма "Oktava Ltd" лишена эксклюзивных прав дистрибьютора во всем мире.





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